Nearly all my favourite plug-ins for WordPress are the simplest.

I’d imagine most people heavily involved in the design of other people’s websites get to spend precious little time on their own – unless they’re looking for business of course.  So Joost de Valk’s Sociable plug-in is exactly the kind of thing up my street.

Enabling happy visitors to a web-page to either Digg, Facebook, Twitt or share your webpage across a myriad of socail networking websites is a great way to encourage communication, and for people to nit-pick articles around the webosphere that will be of interest to like minded friends.

The best thing about this plug-in is not only the ease of installation but the quick and easy way you can customise it to each blog/site you are involved in designing.

After installation a page exists in the Settings area of WordPress where you can select which ‘social networks’ you want to include.

Sociable wordpress plug-in

At the last version I roughly counted around 100 different selectable sites or options.

Clearly the ability to customise for each website’s target audience is a big bonus and you can further customise as to whether the plug-in is shown on all pages or posts, category pages, tag pages etc.

Simple but extremely efficient plug-ins like this one is one of the main reasons I so often favour WordPress on client sites.

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