Typetester websiteWorking on CSS stylesheets usually involves editing, checking, editing again etc until you get things such as text height, spacing, font style and even colour perfect.  Recently I’ve been using the excellent Typetester feature which enables you to set you base font size (as you usually would for the body tag) and then amending all font-values, word spacing, leading, tracking, alignment and all the rest.

This cleverly designed tool also shows a list of web safe fonts – that is those shipped with both Windows and on an Apple Mac – however you can browse the individual lists if you wanted to create more uniquely styled css files for various browsers and systems.

The browser lists 3 columns, and it is widely perceived that you shouldn’t have too many differing styles of text on.

Some people use different styles of texts to distinguish between

– website information and user comments


– headlines/titles and main text

At the end of it all you have the option of downloading what you have created as a simple piece of css code.  It’s a simple clever design that will save time when you’re planning the feel and aesthetics of your website.

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